Exotic Shorthairs, Persians and Himalayans

All kittens are sold with a one year written health guarantee.  This protects you for one year, against genetic illnesses.  Our Dams and Sires are all PKD negative.


All Kittens are dewormed, vaccinated at 8 and 12 weeks old and have a fecal test before they leave.    Your vet will need to vaccinate them at 16 weeks of age if they have left my home before then.

 All of my kittens have a health check with my vet, Dr. Seat at Antonio Animal Hospital in Rancho Santa Margarita, California,  before leaving my home.

Cat Clubs

I belong to four cat clubs.  Malibu Cat Club, Crown City Cat Club, The Atlantic Himalayan Cat Club and Hemet Feline Fanciers.  We meet regularly  to plan our C.F.A. cat shows which are held yearly.   The Atlantic Himalayan Club doesn't have shows, but serves to promote the Pointed Persian breed.


Mission Statement

I breed to produce healthy, show cats that meet the C.F.A. breed standard.   That is my main purpose.   


Please let me know a little bit about you and about the other people in the home that will be living with the kitten.  If you have children what are their ages.

Have you owned a kitty before?  If not that's okay,  I want to make sure I help you and the new kitten transition to your home.

Are you looking for a pet quality kitten or a show quality kitty?  I'm flexible on deposits as long as the kitty is paid for before it goes home. 

Call or e-mail me for a copy of our Purchase Contract

Reserving A Kitten

Health Guarantee