A Love4paws Cattery

A Love4paws Cinnamon Girl at the Crown City Cat Show on January 9th and 10th.

A Love4paws Betty Davis receiving Best Cat in Hilary Helmrich's ring

Cat Fancier's Association, Region 5 awards banquet, with Sue Swaim, and Lena Karachun getting our 2012 Regional Win awards!

GC RW Laureden Dawson of A Love4paws making a final in John Colilla's ring in 2012.  Dawson is a blue tabby exotic short hair.

A KitKat Hotlines of A Love4paws making a final in Laura McIntyre's ring.  In Palm Spring 2012.  Pictured left to right Maggy, Laura Mcintyre, Sue Swaim and Lena Karachun.  "Hottie" is a red, tabby, Persian.

A KitKat Hollywood Star of A Love4paws, Tortie Lynx Point getting 3rd best kitten in the Persian-Himalayan class, in Gary Veach's ring  at the Los Colores show on March 28, 2015

Grand Champion A Love4paws Tangerine

Tangerine received his GC Title at the

Palm Springs show on February 13, 2016

A Love4paws Tangerine with his Sock Money Awards at the Crown City Cat Show on January 9 and 10th 2016

February 28, 2015 at the Malibu cat show with Dandy's Eye Candy and an adorable little girl that was attending the cat show

Vision's Safari of A Love4paws, a tabby exotic getting some Grand points in Vicki Nye's ring in 2012

A Love4paws Betty Davis making a final in Hope Gonano's ring when I was campaigning her for her Regional Win in 2012.   Betty Davis is a tortie point exotic long hair

Dandy's Eye Candy of A Love4paws showing in the kitten Persian class at the Livermore, California show on August 31, 2013.  Eye Candy granded on 11-29-14 at the Poinsettia City Cat Club show.   She changed so much from a kitten to when I granded her as an adult!  

Lushell All For You of A KitKat making a final in Doug Meyers ring in the Championship class at the Cat A Lina Cats show in Las Vegas on December 27-28th 2014.  He is a beautiful tabby Persian with a beautiful head.  Pictured Left to right; Maggy Doug Meyers and Sue Swaim of A KitKat