Grand Champion A Love4paws Rumpleteazer




Thank you Marsha Johnson and Penni Richter for this boy!  He is the nicest exotic I have ever had the pleasure to show and to use in my breeding program.    What a beautiful exotic short haired boy he is!  I love his expression and his eyes are always wide open, as they are in this photo.   He has already sired one litter of kittens for me and they are beautiful.   I'm looking forward to having more beautiful kittens from him and hopefully showing him for a Regional win.

Grand Champion Parti Wai Ex Marcello of Jazzycats​

​Exotic Short Hair

We are very proud and pleased of our beautiful brown, tabby, Persian, Brownie!    His father is Oliver and his mother is Eye Candy.  He is so funny at the shows because he is so wild and playful!   Some cats are just meant for the show ring!    He made everyone laugh at the show when the judge was talking to him and he put his paw on his face.

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