Bringing Your Exotic Kitty, Persian Kitty or Himalayan Kitty Home

  1. Feed the same cat food that your breeder was feeding to your new kitty.
  2. Find out what brand of kitty litter your cat breeder uses and use that litter.  If you want to change the type of litter that you use then do so very slowly.
  3. Use the same type of litter box your breeder was using.   Once your kitty is adjusted to your home you can try bringing in a new litter box.   Leave the old litter box in place till the kitty starts using the new one.
  4. Place litter box in a quiet area of your home.  Preferably in an area where kitty doesn't feel trapped when kitty exits the litter box.
  5. Clean kitty litter twice a day of deposits.  Cats are very clean creatures and if their litter box is dirty they may choose to go somewhere other than their litter box.
  6. Place food and water in a different location than the litter box.
  7. Keep Toilet lids closed.
  8. If possible bring home a blanket or towel with the scent of mommy on it to make kitty feel safe.
  9. When you first bring kitty home confine kitty to a quiet room or bathroom in your home till kitty becomes adjusted to the sounds and smells of your home.  Every kitty is different and adjusts to a new home in their own time frame.    Some may need two weeks or some may need a month.
  10. Use Feliway diffuser to help make kitty feel comfortable.
  11. Spend short sessions with kitty in the quiet room you have chosen.  Let kitty come to you.  Bring in kitty toys to interact with kitty if kitty is ready.   Kitty is the boss!  They will let you know if they want to play or hide for awhile.  It's normal when cats change homes to hide for a little bit of time.   Make sure kitty doesn't hide in a place where they get stuck such as a mattress bedspring.   
  12. Make sure kitty is eating and drinking water every day.  Cats can not go 24 hours without food.  
  13. ‚ÄčTry to play with your adult cat at least two 15 minute sessions per day, a young kitty needs more play time.   To prevent behavior problems.   Laser tag, Undercover Mouse, Panic Mouse and Da Bird are great!