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Persian Breed Profile:

The Cat Fancier's Association has lots of information about the Persian Breed and a little bit about it's history.  


More information on the exotic breed can be found on this link to the CFA website:

The first Exotic Shorthair to earn a Grand Champion title was in 1971.  His name was Silver Secret of Gay-O.  Not only did he receive a Grand Champion title as an Exotic Shorthair but also as an American Shorthair with a different licensing organization.

To learn more about the history of the exotic breed I recommend this wonderful article written by Johanna Leibfarth of Desmin and Chandelle Catteries who was one of the early exotic breeders that started breeding them in 1972.   Exotic Breed History

Although some breeds of cats prefer to live solitary lives I have found that Exotic's Persians, and Himalayan's often enjoy the company of other cats!  Frequently I come home to find my cats sleeping together in groups or tenderly grooming each other.  I took this picture of three of my cats huddled together on my bed.  

Exotic breed profile:

Although a cat with long hair can be lovely and glamorous to look at anyone who has owned one knows the work it takes to maintain their coat and keep it free from matts.  The Exotic cat has the lovely look of a Persian without the effort of the long Persian coat.  Exotics are sometimes affectionately referred to as the lazy man's Persian.

The Exotic's temperament resembles the Persian.  The Exotic is a breed that produces a quiet, sweet, and loving companion.  They are extremely affectionate!  They quietly beg for your attention by sitting in front of you focused on your eyes.  They will jump in your lap to curl up for a nap or push their wet nose right into your face.  

One of our Exotic's tries to sleep on my head at night, one sleeps at my feet and one curls up next to my side!  

The females generally weigh between 4-7 pounds and the males weigh 7-10 pounds.


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